Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Murder Incorporated = Public Health Authorities are the Virus

Murder Incorporated = Public Health Authorities are the Virus

I discovered something very important today. First, Dr. DiCarlo, Villa Colombo Home for the Aged’s head doctor, phoned me this morning an informed me that no doctor in this province has the authority to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to any patient who contracts Covid-19, without the approval of the Ontario Public Health Authority. Then finally, today I heard Premier Ford say on television that he had no authority to over-ride the directives of the Public Health Authorities. 

The conclusion is that we have a criminal health cabal dictating who lives and dies. Hydroxychloroquine has been tested all over the world, with a 100% success rate in curing Covid-19. These medical jackasses are the primary reason why the Canadian economy has collapsed and why Canadians from coast to coast are suffering mentally, emotionally, monetarily and physically. They should all be immediately put in jail. How can idiots create so much grief and sorrow. Idiots, jackasses and traitors.

I repeat, the Canadian economy did not collapse because of bad politics, but rather because the jackasses who think they are gods have been empowered to over-ride the will of the people, and our political leaders. This Masonic Cabal is, as I have stated before, an arm of Big Pharma and the Technocratic Oligarchs. Bill Gates is but one of the lunatics driving this Covid-19 fraud. It's not the virus, but rather an attempt to subdue humanity.

These idiots have the power of life and death over all Canadians. That is simply impossible to conceive.

I urge all institutions and organizations who represent small and medium size businesses to pursue criminal action against these jackasses who have collapsed the Canadian economy and murdered vulnerable senior citizens in many provinces, when it has been proven over and over, throughout the world, that hydroxchloroquine is an effective cure for Covid-19. 

These Frankensteins have intentionally murdered our seniors because someone in government has given them the ability to decide what drugs a doctor can prescribe.

Public health officials must only be authorized to provide medical and scientific advice, not dictate to democratically elected officials, who represent the will of the electorate, what course of action must be taken when health emergencies present themselves. This must never happen again. The mass killing of seniors was planned, and if we allow them to get away with this, they can kill you and I.

Every MP, MPP and political party leader must divest these public health idiots of any authority which endangers Canadians, now and in the future. These idiotic doctors have intentionally killed seniors, imploded our economy and then shed crocodile to hide their crimes against humanity. F*****k them!!!!!!

Tam, Williams and DeVilla must be charged with capital crimes and conspiracy to do harm to a nation of people. It is a known fact that the Canadian government ordered 5,000,000 pills of hydroxychloroquine from India, and pharmacists do have the pills in stock, so why have they not been used to cure patients in this province?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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