Friday, April 3, 2020

Huxley’s Oxymoron - Brave New World

Huxley’s Oxymoron - Brave New World

Agenda 2030 has passed the simulation stage. The simulation has proven to be so successful that the Globalists appear to be in full implementation mode. I'm hearing Covid19 could linger for 18-24 months. Why is the question?

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Even though there is an actual CURE for Covid-19, the cure receives no attention. The entire focus in on the vaccine, and the eventual issuance of “digital certificates” which grades your resilience to the “crown virus”. The "crown virus" is something more consequential than Covid-19. The next virus may be a demon.
  2. The billions of research dollars our governments have given Big Pharma and Tech-firms have gone into perfecting human bio-metric control systems. Something grander than China's Skynet. I’m quiet sure that DARPA is spearheading this research ( as they have for decades). The perfect human control system will lack a password and will be solely dependent on perosn’s unique physiological and ethereal make-up (eyes, aura, vibration, the molecular structure of DNA are but some examples).
  3. Apart from the esoteric, there are several signs that humanity will be culled and great numbers will die - not necessarily because of Covid-19.

    a) Hospitals are delaying necessary surgery for patients with serious ailments to make room for an impending virus epidemic.
    b) The death and infection statistics are based on statistical models rather than real events.
    c) Eldercare facilities are being infected at lightening speed, even though billions of dollars have been invested in protecting the elderly. It makes no sense.
    d) Online food orders are being delayed for almost two weeks and online food selection is limited. That means food will become a scarcer and scarcer commodity. Regardless of what we are being told. Grocery store shelves, while not empty, are being significantly thinned out.
    e) Alternate news organizations are reporting that state governments are stopping the sale of seed to farmers (that means a major shortage of food this summer). Livestock suppliers have also been forced to unnecessarily shutdown.
    f) Pharmaceutical access will become a peril for many. “Key ingredients” used to create drugs for North American and European dispensing originate in India and China. Their supply chains are slowly closing. Imagine no food and no prescriptions drugs?
    g) Sometime ago I emailed all of you the future population forecasts. Deagal is a military website. The population statistics by the end of 2025 call for billions of people to die worldwide. This is in line with the prophecy of the Georgia Guidestones. This coincides with the jews prophecy of the Red Heifer as well.
    h) The stock market will collapse. My feeling is that the Dow will fall between 5-10,000. Donald Trump will likely remain in power past the scheduled 2020 presidential election. Gold and silver will continue to skyrocket.
    i) Beyond the mortgage collapse, the housing collapse, sovereign bond collapse, the banking collapse, the automotive sector collapse, a great deal is being done to collapse “FIAT currency”. The Globalists have tied currency to oil for many decades, but the demise of the gas combustion engine means the petrodollar will die as well. With Russia and Saudi Arabia agreeing to scale back oil production, the barrel price of oil will be on the rise, by design, and not by any limited supply of oil. Oil is NOT a commodity whose price fluctuates based on demand or supply. Oil is “abiotic” and not a “fossil” fuel. It continues to regenerate because of chemical and geological events, and not for the reasons we have been told.
    j) They have turned you into beggars. You have lost your job and now you grovel for crumbs. Again, they want to test what an idle society and workforce will do when they are contained and desperate. Your silence is the weapon they will use to test their might.
    k) They intentionally left our borders open.

Prepare yourself for the worst because the Globalists are completely evil. In fact, they are not like us. They have sold their souls to evil beings and subscribe to unimaginable things. In fact, many are no longer human. Their god is Satan, and they practice Black Magic, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice to extend their lives.  There is an extraterrestrial element to all of this as well. 

Those who cherish monarchies, leaders of monotheistic religions and Technocrats are fools - they are your killers. They are just as much the children of Satan as are the jews. We are allowing ourselves to be enslaved because we have been anaesthetized by fear. When you find that you have nothing to lose, and they know it, it will be too late. This simulation in chaos theory has a predetermined ending. You are too busy thinking of your luxury vehicles, designer clothes, second homes and the disposable society built on the doctrine of obsolescence - funny, but you are the LAST obsolete element of that society. You have dug your own grave.

Good Luck,
Joseph Pede

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