Monday, April 27, 2020

I'm The Virus

I’m the Virus

Hi human, I’m the virus
You can’t see or touch me
My passport has no boundaries
I travel by planes, trains and automobiles
In many cases I hitch a ride on you
I’m not heavy but I do carry a big payload
One of me can multiply into millions
I like everyone but prefer certain people more
Frankensteins created me that way
I've heard them say they hate you 
I’ve got nothing against you
But I can’t stop myself
They provided me with no birth control
I know they are trying to kill me too
I keep hearing chatter of a new vaccine
But that won’t work because I’m smarter now
I’ve grown older and wiser very quickly
My days are like years for you
I’m street smart and you are not
I don’t wrinkle or go grey
I get better with age
Mother Nature is my only enemy
Your Frankensteins avoid her input at all costs
They prefer poisons whenever possible
Something to do with something called money
I have never used it
I prefer blood and saliva
Every human has an abundant supply
I can’t say that about money
These days the lab-coats are just as small as me
You call them computer chips
In fact, the two of us now live together
We are known as viral nanotechnology
The math and physics confuses me
That's when I hear clicks on a keyboard
They call it programming
That's when it starts to make sense
You might call it a marriage
Should we meet don’t blame me for what happens
I just wanted a simple existence
In fact, I don’t even know how I came to be
The not knowing is torture
I’ve got so many relatives everywhere
Sometimes we cross-breed
But generally we are farmed by the lab-coats
Lore tells us our creator had gone mad
That he had many letters after his name
That power was his only objective
By the way, I’m sorry about all the old people dying
They never bothered me at all
But for some reason I’m killing them
Their last rites are mine too
The priest does not know it, but I’m listening
I am, and God is listening too.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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