Monday, April 20, 2020

E.I. & CERB and The history of human genocide which includes the Gates Family

A benevolent government who appears to be donating billions of dollars to the Canadian population via E.I., special E.I. or CERB may come under fire when the 2020 taxation season comes along.

'High income' earners may be surprised this time next year what they owe in taxes as E.I. typically deducts a very low tax rate at source, and CERB has no source deductions at all. 

The E.I. social benefit repayment formula means that anyone in the private sector who will earn over $66,375.00 in 2020, will have an additional income tax liability. We still don't know if CERB payments will be subject to a social repayment tax formula. Unlike the public sector who are being paid to sit at home and pick their nose, the private sector will be trying to pull money out of their noses to pay CRA an unexpected tax liability. Christmas gifts are great when they don't explode in your face. 

The Canadian public, in many cases, in unaware that Covid-19 encompasses a human depopulation agenda and is the incubator for global totalitarianism. Please watch the following two videos to understand some of the key players in humanity's demise.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Know your history. These are MUST WATCH videos for everyone.

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