Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Covid-19 Test-Kits

Covid-19 Test-Kits

Premier Ford now states that all residents and employees of Eldercare facilities, paramedics, and many other front line healthcare workers will be tested within the upcoming days.

How about if I tell you that those test-kits will create “false positives” to give fuel to this ongoing simulation in chaos theory. In fact, these test kits could be contaminated with the Covid-19 virus. Who is making these test-kits is the bigger question?

Why would residents of eldercare facilities, one of which happens to be my mother, be tested without my consent? My mother has been in residence and has not ventured out. Test the workers, not my mother!

Unfortunately, I have become a skeptic. With so much of the public in containment scenarios, why are we looking to test so many people? 

Who is making the kits, who is making the re-agent and why is testing so many people required?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Naturally i did not receive a reply to who manufacturers the test kits or the re-agents.

I feel a followup message is necessary to the public.

  1. Covid-19 testing means that someone may test positive or negative simply for the moment they were tested. 
  2. Someone could become symptomatic the day after being tested. 
  3. We don't know if the test-kits or the re-agents are infected with the virus. You cannot rule out this possibility.
  4. The test kits or reagents are filled with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology that can be activated with 5G technology. That combination can be used to KILL or CONTROL you.
The PROPER way of testing a "herd population" is not to see who may or may not have the virus, but rather perform "ANTI-BODY TESTING". This test will determine who has acquired immunity to the virus.

How social distancing turned to containment is beyond me. Containment is never a solution to preventing the re-occurrence of a virus. We as a nation can rest assured that Covid-19 will resurface at the end of 2020 (in a mutated state).

I have a message for all of you - the test-kits are being used to create a DNA register. That is how 5G and the nanotechnology will target specific individuals for termination.

If we allow governments to continue this simulation you can kiss your ass good-bye. They are planning the end of humanity. Agenda 2030 is an imperative for them.

Thank you and Happy Easter,
Joseph Pede

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