Thursday, April 16, 2020

Building a Totalitarian Kakistocratic Technocracy = Communism

This simulation in Chaos Theory is progressing with great haste. The remarkable success of the coronavirus, whose real identity is FEAR, is not creating community, but rather the traditional form of communism. Our politicians have managed to enslave an entire planet. One must ask how they achieved this objective?  To date, their only solution is a GLOBAL vaccine. Can you imagine the absurdity of such a conclusion?

I wish to remind the readers of the website known as (a U.S. Military website), which has prognosticated massive declines in population numbers among Western and Eastern European Democracies (as well as many other countries).

Deagel has forecast a 10,000,000 population decrease for Canada by 2025.

Covid-19 is an initial weapon to cull humanity, but first they must fully control humanity. Fear is the predominant tool - separation and isolation are the others. Wait until they start limiting or turning off the world wide web. Your only communication tools will vanish (laptop and cell phone).

Open the doors, open the factories, open the businesses, open the churches and most of all, open your minds. The only vaccine that will cure Covid-19 is your ability to think.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Additional article of interest: 

National Post
COVID-19 pandemic is turning Canada into a nation of snitches

As fear and anxiety rises among a population ordered to stay home as much as possible to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, is Canada becoming a nation of snitches turning on each other to enforce social distancing? 
Absolutely, experts say.
“People are being told that you have to snitch. It has become the civic duty of a good citizen. If you see a social gathering, if you see people having groups of guests over, then be a good citizen and report it,” said criminologist and former MP Maria Mourani.
“The current COVID-19 threat makes us feel powerless and out of control. So by denouncing, it gives people the impression that they have more control on their situation. It’s a way of controlling our fear,” added psychologist Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier.
“We’re possibly headed towards becoming a country of snitches,” she said.

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