Saturday, April 11, 2020

OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) - I was subject to OPP Harassment & Threat This Morning

This morning at approximately 9:00AM I was greeted by two OPP officers at my front door. I did not open my locked security door, even though they requested I do so. In fact, I was in in my boxer briefs and thought it inappropriate.

They asked if I wrote an email about Dr Charles M Lieber and addressed it to the provincial government. I said yes. They said they could not open the the video links which I provided in the email.

One link was from an FBI broadcast detailing the arrest of Dr Lieber, which I just re-opened, and another link was from an ABC news affiliate which I just re-opened as well. Funny how I can open mainstream links, but the OPP cannot. I suggested they contact the FBI to get clarification on Dr Charles Lieber.

I then asked the two officers, who did not identify themselves, who sent them to my home. They responded, the "provincial government". Now I have my own government attacking me for presenting the truth. Are harassment and abuse of power not endictable offences, especially when someone from the provincial government masks their authority to attack a citizen of this province?

I asked the OPP officers if we were still living in Canada, a democracy, and if we still had the power of free speech. The male officer responded yes. So I asked them why they were at my home this morning.

The male OPP officer then asked for my phone number, which I provided. They provided me no I.D. They demanded I no longer send emails to the government.

If anyone is listening, someone within our provincial government has just THREATENED me, and they have used unidentified OPP officers to do so. That person should be charged and arrested for harassing and threatening a citizen of this province. That is what happens when one tries to expose the truth. Dirty politicians always rise to the top of the gutter.

We have a bigger problem than Covid-19, we have dirty politicians threatening private citizens and using the OPP to do so.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

I would like to know WHO in our provincial government sent these individuals to my home to threaten me and lie to me that the informative video links I provided in my email about Dr Charles M Lieber could not opened.

That person in the provincial government must be charged and removed from his/her provincial authority.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Police Report  416-808-3200  20-701123   Officer Webb  April 11, 2020  6:40PM

Detective Report - D.C. Kennedy 90063 report number 2020-701123
April 16, 2020   1:00PM

For the balance of provincial authorities who wish to know, I was personally threatened by a jew who resides in Whitestone, New York. He has identified himself as the principal of Ace Office Products. His name is Ira Einhorn. His Facebook address is Below is what he wrote me on March 24, 2020.

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