Saturday, April 4, 2020

Rob and Doug Ford

Rob and Doug Ford

Being the political leader of a global city, province or nation comes with certain responsibilities. Not the responsibilities that politicians must adhere to because they are legally accountable public figures, but rather the rules established by the malevolent Egregore. An invisible Authority whose governance is global, and goes one step beyond.

I’m confident that both Rob and Doug received phone calls from that Authority the day they both began their political leadership mandates. They were likely expecting the phone call as they sat behind their respective desks. The content of the call was simple, you work for us, not them. We give you the rope. but we tell you when to pull, or when to tie the knot.

Rob Ford had my total admiration because his political mandate was not hampered by blinders. He was the consummate “Dead Man Walking”. The establishment could not control him, so they ultimately murdered him. His celebrity, good or bad, was something to be admired. His tenacity was even more remarkable. He did more for the City of Toronto than the puppet John Tory could and will ever do. Tory obeys the rules - increase taxes and grows government. The media then reinforces his image of respectability and leadership qualities.

Doug Ford started with the same great intentions as his brother. His government’s aggressive desire to make things right for the majority of Ontarians forced him to change his cabinet and political direction, very quickly after making one to many drastic changes. The public did not do that, the silent Authority forced him to do that.

Doug Ford’s willingness to infect Ontario by not closing the borders was proof enough that he, along with all the other provincial premiers, are lemmings. The infection I speak about is NOT the virus. When push comes to shove the Globalist agenda was to be advanced at all costs. Ford’s reward for towing the line means continued future success, in or outside politics. Ford may bestow God’s blessing at the end of his telecasts, but God is not part of the strategy he and other premiers are employing. 

Ford is a man who is experiencing deep emotional trauma, because he is a good person. Visually I see a man who is doing battle with his conscious. A man forced to do things he does not accept. Doug only wanted Ontario to be the economic engine of Canada. So how could one not use common sense to protect that engine from failure? Well, Doug was forced to take the advice of medical “Authorities”. Yes, those Authorities are limbs of the greater Silent Authority.

It’s tough being boxed into a corner when the fans don’t realize the fight is fixed. The only leader who had the chance of politically uniting Canada was Jack Layton. That proved too dangerous, so he was murdered too. Having Quebecers onside with the rest of Canada proved troublesome for the malevolent Egregore. 

Having unique and explosive political elements within a national political body makes for a much more interesting parliamentary system. Consensus IS NOT dirty politics, and with the absence of dirty politics, politicians can’t be bought.

A man who walks alongside his own shadow can never be lost.  But then there are those who act as pallbearers for their own funeral.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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