Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Elastic Food Supply Mystery

The Elastic Food Supply Mystery

I’m not a farmer, but something tells me that farmers are worried, and we should be too. Because of the shutdown in the hotel and restaurant industries, farmers are destroying millions upon millions of tons of produce they can no longer sell. Food banks are starving for food yet we are allowing food to be destroyed. All this while prices for produce remain relatively high. 

With an overwhelming over-supply of produce, prices should be at rock bottom, and food banks should be swimming in fresh food products. But that is not the case. Wholesalers and grocers are not buying the excess capacity because of the corporate profit implications. 

Governments are giving vast amounts of money to corporations who do NOTHING for public goodwill.

Why aren't wholesale grocers buying the excess produce at competitive prices, and passing those savings along to consumers? Especially when disposable income is at an all-time low. Instead we have Galen Weston going on TV saying he is donating food and money to food banks. What a crock of shit. 

Let me shake my twinkie while I take a tinkle at the stupidity of that corporate advertisement. I'll call it low-blow, and not Loblaws from now on.

Farmers will have no choice but to scale back on seeding and farming production - seed, fertilizer and harvesting costs money. 

Farmers have no idea when these lockdowns will be lifted, and with no seed in the ground, fresh produce is a long way off if supplies become scarce.

Livestock farmers are buying mass amounts of feed to keep their cattle, pork et al alive, not knowing when the restaurant and hotel industry will come back to life. How long can they hold on?

At this critical time we must support farmers and make sure food production is not wasted, and that livestock is humanely treated. Support families with low cost food, not the greedy antics of wholesale and retail grocers.

Wake up. If this nonsense continues we will have major food shortages - by design.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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